Publication Type: Book Section | Edited Volume

Students, slackers, singles, seniors, and strangers: Transforming a family-nation

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Kelly, William W. and White, Merry I.

Japan: Professional Baseball in 21st-Century Japan

{journal}Baseball without borders: The international pastime, 2017
Kelly, William W.

Bronislaw Malinowski

{journal}International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, 2017
Kelly, William W.

Digital technologies, virtual communities, electronic fieldwork : the slow social science adapts to high-tech Japan

{journal}eFieldnotes: The makings of anthropology in the digital world, 2016
Kelly, William W.

Sport fans and fandoms

{journal}Routledge handbook of sports sociology, 2015
Kelly, William W.

Globalisation, soccer and the sportsworlds of Japan, Australia and the United States

{journal}Internationalising Japan: Discourse and practice, 2014
Kelly, William W.

Beyond the bibliometrics we have to the bibliometrics we need

{journal}Beyond bibliometrics: Identifying the best, 2014
Kelly, William W.

Introduction: Looking backward at a book that looked forward

{journal}Japan’s new middle class, third edition, 2013
Kelly, William W.

The sportscape of contemporary Japan

{journal}Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society, 2011
Kelly, William W.