The layout of a Japanese sports newspaper

Nikkan Sports (Osaka edition), April 4, 2005 13th edition

Page 1: Features the Hanshin Tigers’ first victory of the 2005 season
Page 2-Page 3: two-page spread on the Hanshin Tigers victory
Page 4: other NPB results and news
Page 5: MLB news on Japanese players (headline is Nakamura being sent down to minors by Los Angeles-and he was resisting)
Page 6: high school baseball (the 11th day results from spring National Invitational Baseball Tournament at Koshien)
Page 7: more NPB news and results (including a third straight loo by Yomiuri Giants)
Page 8: general sports news (synchronized swimming, judo, F-1, LPGA golf)
Page 9: “battle” sports (Pride Bushidan 6 extreme, women’s pro wrestling, boxing)
Page 10: full page of classified ads (employment)
Page 11: soccer (J.League, J-2)
Page 12: full page of classified ads
Page 13: horse racing
Page 14: full page of classified ads
Page 15: horse racing
Page 16: “race” (boat racing results at Biwako Course)
Page 17: “race” (boat racing results at Suminoe Course)
Page 18: “race” (general boat racing news and driver profiles)
Page 19: fishing (a table of current fishing conditions and boat operators in Kansai region; page also has columns on go and mahjong)
Page 20: “features” (stories on pachinko and slot machine gamblers, a gambler’s travel diary, and a profile of a cabaret singer)
Page 21: stories on pop singers
Page 22: “shakai” (stories on the Pope, on dog-kidnapping, and a short column on politics)
Page 23: the day’s TV and radio broadcast schedules
Page 24: “geino” entertainment news and stories
Page 25: “geino” entertainment news and stories
Page 26 (full color back page): J.League soccer (Kansai team results)

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